Licensed Mats

These rugs are printed on a high end nylon commercial loop mat, or a soft cut pile nylon carpet. They are made in very limited edition runs, and are collectors items as well as home decor. Available from sizes 2x3 to 3x4.  Great for entrance ways, studios, living rooms, walls, or anywhere you want to make a statement. These are made using a very high quality printing method, and will never wear out.  Check back frequently for new releases. 
size: 2x3 printed on a durable nylon loop carpet. Erick Sermon, Redman, and Keith Murray approved!
Drink Champs size 2x3 Printed on a heavy nylon loop carpet. Relax!
Size 3x4 & printed on a soft durable nylon cut pile carpet. These zulu nation rugs are hand signed on...
Size 2’x3’ Printed on a durable commercial mat with a rubber backing.  Ice T & Mick Benzo approved! If this...