Handmade Rugs

These are meticulously handcrafted & cut using different types of plush carpets, inlaid together to create one of a kind carpet art masterpieces.  They are all hand carved, custom backed, and made with love.  Countless hours of cutting, drawing, gluing and finishing goes into each rug. These are for the collectors, and will last for generations. Highly recommended for walls, or clean low traffic areas on the floor.  Check back frequently for new releases. 
Cubs New
One of one! 48” round. handmade,  not tufted, pairing bright blue & red carpet with a soft plush nylon white....
Leaf New
One of one! 36” round. Celebrate 4/20 with this Super plush heavy wool rug. It’s bong water resistant, just don’t...
One of One! 48”x28” handmade, not tufted, pairing  a hot pink shag with a black plush nylon. Get this for...
One of One! 39”x 51” classic Def Jam logo. NOT TUFTED, but handmade. Grey plush 3D inlay paired with a...
40” round. MMG logo. Handmade using plush grey & black nylon broadloom. Money print on the back. For bosses only....