One of one! 48” round. handmade,  not tufted, pairing bright blue & red carpet with a soft plush nylon white....
One of One! 39”x 51” classic Def Jam logo. NOT TUFTED, but handmade. Grey plush 3D inlay paired with a...
Def Squad 2x3 Sale
size: 2x3 printed on a durable nylon loop carpet. Erick Sermon, Redman, and Keith Murray approved!
$125.00 $135.00
Drink Champs Sale
Drink Champs size 2x3 Printed on a heavy nylon loop carpet. Relax!
$125.00 $135.00
Our flagship rug is back in business. Size 3x4. Limited edition. 
Have your logo or picture printed on a durable 2’x3’ mat Sale
Put your brand on the floor! This is where you can have your own logo or picture printed on a low pile...
$300.00 $450.00
Show your love for Hip Hop with a plush version in plush 3x4.
$200.00 $220.00
Magna Carpet, the Holy Grail of rugs. Size 3’x4’ hand made using a plush black nylon with a silver Berber...
One of one! 36” round. Celebrate 4/20 with this Super plush heavy wool rug. It’s bong water resistant, just don’t...
40” round. MMG logo. Handmade using plush grey & black nylon broadloom. Money print on the back. For bosses only....
Redman 2x3 Sale
size: Redman custom printed 2x3 rug printed on a durable nylon loop carpet. Keep an eye out for his new...
$142.00 $250.00
One of One! 48”x28” handmade, not tufted, pairing  a hot pink shag with a black plush nylon. Get this for...
Zulu Nation Sale
Size 3x4 & printed on a soft durable nylon cut pile carpet. These zulu nation rugs are hand signed on...
$200.00 $220.00